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I offer a highly adaptable bespoke service using Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, in order to help clients deal with anxiety and recover from a number of mental health difficulties. These could range from a very short term problem - for example, anxiety about a single event or sporting performance - to a chronic illness such as depression or agoraphobia. I have successfully helped people who are self-medicating using alcohol or non-prescription drugs to feel sufficiently recovered to find they do not need to use these extra means to manage their lives.

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I offer an obligation- free, no charge initial consultation so that, together, we can ascertain whether the therapy on offer is a good fit for the challenges you face. This will also give you the chance to decide whether you feel you can benefit from the therapy and from working with me. This is important because successful CBT depends upon a good working alliance between client and therapist.

CBT is a very practical and objective therapy, which always begins with a thorough investigation of the problems currently facing the client, rather like drawing up a map in order to find our way out of the ‘woods’. When this has been produced, clients often find they feel a sense that it’s ‘no wonder’ they are facing the difficulties they are.

CBT is a very rewarding therapy, and I would expect clients to begin to feel better within 3 sessions, even those who struggle with chronic conditions.

CBT can help with anxiety, depression, anger, eating disorders, relationship problems, substance misuse, and a variety of other issues. It can also assist with post-traumatic stress disorder.

CBT is a systemic approach to help people to feel better. This is achieved through exploration and experimentation with regard to thoughts, body sensations and behaviour.

I have an honours degree in Psychology, and I am a member of the British Psychological Society. I'm trained in Re-Evaluation Counselling, attachment theory, and I'm a qualified Cognitive Behaviour Therapist

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