I qualified from Oxford University with a full Diploma in cognitive behaviour therapy in 2016.
The Oxford Cognitive Therapy Centre is the world leader in research and teaching in CBT and incorporates Mindfulness and Dialectical Behaviour Therapy.
I have a degree with honours in Psychology, and I am a Graduate member of the British Psychological Society.
I’m a fully qualified Re-Evaluation Counselor, and have completed training in attachment theory in adults and an 18 month training in supervision (Brighton University).
I have recently worked for CAMHS in Halifax as a Cognitive Behaviour Therapist where I worked with young people up to the age of 18 who were struggling with a number of different mental health issues. These ranges from anxitey and depression to post traumatic stress disorder and perfectionism.
I have specialist experience of working with adults who self-medicate using  alcohol or non-prescription drugs in order to manage their mental health. I have worked alongside drug and alcohol misuse services in order to help people with these problems.
I have also had experience in working with athletes, from helping people to get more out of their sport by conquering performance fears to steroid users who wish to decrease or to stop using these artificial enhancers.

It remains extremely interesting to me to help people explore their assumptions about themselves, others, and their world, in order to regain a balanced perspective and a rational viewpoint and I have gained enormous satisfaction from helping people to regain full mastery and pleasure from their lives.