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BSc.Hons. Psych. MBPsS

Nicky Xandora

CBT Therapist
I have a Diploma in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and 24 years' experience of interpersonal work, including working for the NHS and in private practice.

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I offer a highly adaptable and individual service to clients. We will usually start with a phone call, just to talk initially about problems you are facing and how you are currently dealing with them.

Your problems might range from anxiety around a single event to chronic mental health issues.

Successful CBT depends upon a good working alliance between us, which develops as sessions progress.

Once we decide to go ahead we usually meet on a weekly basis, typically for 8-14 sessions, each lasting 50 minutes.

CBT is the NICE/NHS treatment of choice for anxiety, OCD, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, agoraphobia, and a range of other difficulties.

I have worked for the NHS, within the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service and found that CBT is often very effective for this cohort.

Clients often find that combining counselling with CBT sessions can help with processing some of the ‘sticky’ experiences that may surface from the past, and I am happy to offer counselling as a part of my practice.

It may be useful to involve some of your significant family members where this is helpful, and appropriate in a holistic way.

I have successfully helped people who are self-medicating using alcohol or non-prescription drugs in order to feel sufficiently recovered to stop relying on these means to manage their lives.

CBT is a very practical and objective therapy, which begins with a thorough exploration of your current problems, as you see them, rather like drawing up a map in order to find our way out of the woods. You may well feel a sense that it’s ‘no wonder’ that you are struggling.

Beginning with the tenet that our thoughts directly produce our feelings, we will unpick and seek to modify and change things in order that you can adopt a more flexible approach where you feel in charge of your life.

CBT is a very rewarding therapy, and often people report that they begin to feel better within a surprisingly short space of time.

CBT can help with anxiety, depression, anger, eating disorders, relationship problems, substance misuse, and a variety of other issues. It can also assist with post-traumatic stress disorder.

CBT is a systemic approach to help people to feel better. This is achieved through exploration and experimentation with regard to thoughts, body sensations and behaviour.

I have an honours degree in Psychology, and I am a member of the British Psychological Society. I'm trained in Re-Evaluation Counselling, attachment theory, and I'm a qualified Cognitive Behaviour Therapist

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